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Board Members

Allen E. Johnston

Elected 2005, term expires 12/31/2026

Allen E. Johnston was recently re-elected to serve as President of the Godwin Heights School Board. He retired after serving in the district for over 30 years before joining the board.


Mr. Johnston feels his work with the board is important because he can serve as a voice for the community while continuing to be involved in the lives of students.


"The most important role of a board member," he said, "is to set good policy that will enhance learning as well as make sure that the district's money is spent on things that will ultimately affect our students and the educational process in a positive way."

Lee Ann Platschorre
Vice President
Elected 1991, term expires 12/31/2022

Lee Ann Platschorre was elected in 1991 to serve on the Godwin Heights Board of Education. She currently serves as the Vice President and has held the positions of Secretary and President in the past.

Prior to her involvement with the board, Lee Ann was very active in the Godwin Heights School community. She, her husband Dan, and three children are all Godwin alumni. Throughout the years she has served on several committees in the district and in the community. She is presently a member of the Friends of the Wyoming Public Library organization, and the Wyoming Youth Violence Initiative.


Lee Ann takes her board membership very seriously. "I understand the trust the community has put in me to make the right decision(s) to ensure that their child(ren) have every advantage when seeking out their career paths. It is our responsibility," she continued, "to help them realize their potential & to achieve it."

David Rodriguez

Elected 2018, term expires 12/31/2024

David Rodriguez started his first term on the Board of Education in January of 2019.  He is a proud graduate of Godwin Heights, Class of 2008. David has two young children residing in the district. He has worked for Lake Michigan Credit Union for 11 years and is currently the Branch Manager at the South Division office. He serves on the Division Avenue Business Association as well as the North Godwin Community Leadership Team. David also assists the High School Community Coordinator with teaching finance management classes in our community.


Kenneth Hornecker
Elected 2010, term expires 12/31/2026

Kenneth Hornecker was elected to the Board of Education in May of 2010. He is married to Karen who is a teacher with the Head Start program. They have three children who have attended Godwin schools. Their son graduated in 2006 and one daughter graduated in 2010. 

Ken has worked as an accountant at Care Source for 15 years and also was an accountant at Faith Reformed Church. He is very active in the community serving as a member of the Godwin Heights/Godfrey Lee Accreditation Advisory Committee, a member of the Michigan Black Caucus, and also works as an English language tutor for a gentleman from Burma.

"I believe that if I am going to complain about something, that I should also bring a solution to the table." He also believes that "the biggest asset a Board member has is an open mind; listening to all arguments for and against a proposal before making a decision."

Rick Hamilton

Elected 2017, term expires 12/31/2024

Rick was appointed to the Board in January 2017. Rick is a 1992 graduate of Godwin Heights and currently Rick and his wife Emily of 19 years have one child attending Godwin High School, who are 5th consecutive generation at Godwin Heights. Rick has been very active in the community, he retired from the Wyoming Fire Department in late 2015 after serving almost 24 years as a reserve firefighter.

"It is an honor to be able to serve the students​, parents and community that I was raised in, I will do my very best to listen more than I talk and realize this is not about me it's all about what is best for our students."


David Drake

Elected 2013, term expires 12/31/2024 

David Drake was elected to the Board of Education in August of 2013. As a lifelong resident of Godwin Heights, David and his wife Libbie have four children that attend Godwin Heights schools.


David is very active in the community as the Pastor of CrossWinds Church. He has served on the Board of Executive Directors for the Michigan Baptist General Conference. David has also volunteered at every level of education in the Godwin District as well as coaching football. David is very committed to the Godwin Heights community and believes that greatness is available and possible for all of our students.


 Jan E. Allen

Elected 1999, term expires 12/31/2022

Jan Allen was elected to the Godwin Heights Board of Education in 1999. Currently, Jan holds the position of Trustee, but previously held the position of Secretary.


Jan and her three children are all Godwin Heights graduates; she is a life-long resident of the community. Jan enjoys being part of a larger group of school boards across the country that work together to shape the future of education in America.


"I believe a board member's most important role," she said, "is to establish a vision of academic excellence for every student and to give our fine staff the tools and motivation to achieve that vision."