Schools of Choice (S.O.C.)


Godwin Heights Public Schools is participating in the Kent County Schools of Choice Program for the 2024-2025 school year and can accept up to 400 applications for new Schools of Choice students in grades K-12.

Applications for students living outside the Godwin Heights School District and entering grades kindergarten through 12th grade will be accepted for buildings and grades where space is available.


The application opens

April 8th, 2024


Kent County SOC Application


Kent Count SOC Application - Spanish






  • Students who have been suspended, expelled, or convicted of a felony may be excluded
  • Providing false information on the application is in violation of law and may result in acceptance being revoked
  • Transportation is NOT provided - parents are responsible for transporting students to and from school
  • One application per student, per year may be submitted to one school district
  • Accepted students are expected to comply with choice district policies

Godwin Heights Public Schools participates in the Kent Intermediate School District Schools of Choice program. All students living within the Kent Intermediate School District may apply for enrollment in any Kent ISD school that has available openings during the S.O.C. enrollment window. 


  • What special services does the school offer? Does it offer the special needs or gifted & talented programming your child might require? Do the extracurricular and athletic offerings match your child's interests?


  • Does the curriculum meet state and national standards? Does the curriculum help prepare children for the realities of the working world and the diverse people they will meet? Does the district offer special programming focused on areas of interest to your child?

  • How does the school communicate with families? Do the opportunities for parent involvement meet your needs and desires? Are parents involved in their children's education?

  • How does the school handle disciplinary matters? What is the parent's involvement in disciplinary matters?

  • Will there be consistency in the curriculum, the staff, and in your child's friends from year to year? 



The Kent ISD School of Choice plan is a lottery-oriented system, not a first-come, first-served one. Applications are accepted starting April 8, 2024. Only one application per student may be submitted. Families who submit more than one may be disqualified from the entire process.

There is no advantage to submitting an application early since all applications are considered at the end of the application period. If the district has more applications than openings, a random drawing will take place the first week in June.