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Dana L. Houseman

 Technology Specialist

google certified trainer
design, code, build, google
I have been here at Godwin Heights since April 14, 1997. When I first began at Godwin it was during the first deployments of COMPAQ computers in the classrooms. At that time there was no email in the classrooms and our primary network operating system was Novell. 

Today we run on Microsoft Active Directory with over 11 virtual servers and another 10 physical servers running everything from the phone system to the security cameras. In addition to this we have moved several systems to the cloud where it makes more sense for them to be.
While working with the technology is an ever changing and challenging process, what I enjoy the most is working with people who use the technology. The biggest challenge I have found is helping people to establish their own confidence in using the technology. The best way to learn is to do and the only way to do is to jump in and start using the technology. Could you make a mistake of course you could but that is the way we learn best, make a mistake and learn how to overcome your mistake.
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