Godwin Google Apps for Students in Grades 5-12

Godwin Wolverine Google Apps for Education may include Gmail, Calendar, Docs, and Sites among others. Each school determines the tools that best suit that school’s educational environment.

Google Apps for Education aligns with International Standards for Technology Integration, as well as with the Godwin Board of Education’s expectations. It is up to each school and classroom to decide which tools are most appropriate for its individual educational setting. Contact your school to learn more about how Google Apps will be used at your student’s school.
There should be no assumption of privacy when using school technology or Google Apps accounts. Even deleted emails should not be considered private or inaccessible when using the district resources. 
Godwin has instituted a very strict content filter for Google Apps, however, there is always a chance students will be exposed to inappropriate content. While at school, staff will monitor students’ use of Google Apps. Please monitor your student’s use of Google Apps while at home. At all times, whether at school or home, students are responsible for their adherence to the district technology use agreement and the social network guidelines. As with the school network accounts, parents have the option to opt. out of Google Apps for Education, contact your local school office if you wish to remove your student from Google Apps for Education. This may require that the student complete alternative assignments and assessments.

Student usernames

The username is the student's first name . last name (eg: David Lee Jones's username is david.jones). A student with a hyphenated last name will only use the first part of their last name. (eg: Johnanthan James Smith-Glover's username is Johnathan.Smith). Students should already be familiar with their usernames which they have been using on the school network since school started.  

Student passwords?

The passwords for Google Apps comes directly from the students school network account. A password change on their account at school also changes the account on Google Apps for Education. 

What about Security and Safety?

Google Apps for Education complies with legal requirements for safety and security such as the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

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