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College and University Scholarships 
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State and Federal Scholarships

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Golden G Scholarship

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Golden G - RENEWAL application

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Grand Rapids Community Foundation Scholarship

Click here for general information and a link to the GENERAL APPLICATION for most scholarships.  DEADLINE APRIL 1

KCEA Scholarships - Kent County Education Association 


  • Sandy Wilson Scholarship - Available for children of Kent County Education Association ESP members.  Click Here
  • KCEA Dependent Scholarship - Available to the children of KCEA members Only. Click here for the application.
  • KCEA Alternative School Scholarship Application - available for students graduating from the Learning Center.  Apllication available
  • KCEA Choice Scholarship - Available for ALL STUDENTS.  click here for application

Grand Rapids Housing Commission Scholarship

Click here for an explanation and requirements for the GR Housing Scholarship

Click here for an the application.

Christensen Hymas Scholarship

To qualify for this scholarship:

You must be currently enrolled in or have been accepted to (and planning to attend) a University or College in the United States and provide proof of current enrollment. If you have not received acceptance, you may still apply, but be sure to provide proof of acceptance and enrollment for the scholarship to be released (ex. screenshot of grades, picture of acceptance letter, etc.)
You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
Cumulative GPA of the current or most recent secondary education program you have attended.

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Women in Law

EGC Women in Law Scholarship. This scholarship is now available to any female high school senior nationwide.

Our Deadline:
June 30, 2017

Award Amount:


Rosa Parks Scholarship

Please click here for a link to the Rosa Park Scholarship 

Roger B. Chaffee Scholarship

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Nursing Scholarship

Click here for a link to the 2017 Aspiring Nurses Scholarship

Northwood University Scholarship

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Lake Michigan Credit Union Hutt Scholarship
The LMCU annual essay contest is now available.  Please go to  to access the application and see the essay prompt.

RARE Everyday Scholarship sponsored by Winning Futures

Click here for the application

B.Davis Scholarship

The creators of the “Student Award Search Aid” website are offering a scholarship for 2017.
Pleasevisit to read about us and to apply for ourscholarship.    
The deadline for applications is May 22, 2017
Amount of Scholarship:  $1,000